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Distributed Energy Management ties your current utility bills and business aspirations together with Utility Money Management. Here's how we do it.

Step 1: Snapshot

Are you wasting utility dollars?

Likely yes. Millions of buildings are wasting billions of dollars each year. A typical building throws off 30% of its energy through underperforming equipment and infrastructure. That’s over $10,000 per building each and every year.

What's your potential waste?


Watch how we help clients use money management to save energy


Step 2: Goals

Your business can do better. But you need to clearly see what's going on.

Standard business accounting doesn't relate energy with what uses it. It's like owning a car and not knowing the gas mileage. How do you plan the cost of a trip?

Utility Cash Management ties it all together. But first, where do you want to go? You need to set business goals including equipment and infrastructure improvements to get you there.


“Energy is not my number one priority,”

says Peter, the owner of the restaurant Chocmo. “Growing and running my business is.”

Read more on how to reduce costs and grow your business ...


Step 3: Pathway

Disciplined cashflow management makes it possible.

We know you are:
• Busy running your business
• Don't know where to start
• Don't think you have the resources (i.e. money)

So we make it incredibly simple. You focus on running your business, while we use our expertise in energy efficiency and business incentives to reduce your overall costs.



We find simple solutions to save you money on your utilities – month after month. Let us help you grow your business while saving you money.

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