2016 Annual Report

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Distributed Energy Management (DEM) is a proud partner to many organizations, helping them gain control over their utility budgets and decisions. Leading companies know that adopting best practices in operations and finance helps improve resource productivity and make them more sustainable.

We appreciate our clients who depend on us to be accountable for their utility resources. We would like to share some key metrics of success and highlights from 2016.

Reduced Consumption year-over-year by 11%

Our clients reduced energy consumption by 11% between 2015 and 2016.  This was despite the fact that 2016 was 14% colder than 2015! Key highlights:

  • Electricity consumption reduced by 7%.
  • Water reduction of 26%.
  • Natural gas increased 25%.
  • Waste-related costs (trash, recycling and composting) increased by 4%.

Managed Month-to Month Billing Variability of 52%:

Our Revolving Fund services manages utility expenditures across electricity, water, trash, natural gas and captures savings into a set-aside fund. This smoothed out the variability our client’s cash flow while we implemented conservation measures that achieved significant savings. The blue line represents the monthly budget.  Actual monthly activities varied based on need.

  • Highest cost month: October
  • Lowest cost month: June
  • Variation between highest and lowest cost months: 52%

Implementation of Conservation Projects

Just having a plan is not enough.  Investment in the future requires implementation.  DEM’s Unified Utility Management Program uses a 4-step framework to do just that. We achieved our results through implementing 8 projects out of 105 identified. This shows that there is plenty of room for continuous improvements as we work with our clients.

Projects included:

  • Using the Revolving Fund for emergency repairs
  • Implemented a pilot to identify most impactful heating technology for a dormitory system
  • Created a master strategy to remediate an abandoned gold mine into a sustainable village
  • Electrician for general maintenance and resiliency improvements

We look forward to working with you in 2017!