Chief Utility Officer

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A New C-Suite Offering in Corporate America: the Chief Utility Officer


This week Harvard Business Review posted an article near and dear to our hearts. The title was Companies That Don’t Manage Utilities Strategically Are Throwing Money Away, and as you can imagine it spoke quite well to what Distributed Energy Management does. It may come as no surprise that the article was written by our CEO, Jimmy Jia.

While the focus of this article is on the impact a Chief Utility Officer (CUO) can have in corporate America today, the spirit of it speaks to the value DEM offers organizations across the nation – and beyond. A CUO is a dedicated position at the C-Suite level that has the ability to oversee multiple aspects of a company’s utility needs and overall spend. Not every organization can afford to create a position – or corresponding department – to meet the needs a CUO addresses, which is where DEM steps in. We bridge the gap between the concept of a CUO and the implementation.

As you can imagine, we think this article should be sitting on the desk of every CFO, board member, and budget decision-maker in America. Do you know someone that fits that description? Or maybe there’s someone in your life who perks up when the discussion turns towards energy, climate change, or the power of the local economy. As we extend the reach of this message to a wider audience, we hope you’ll take the time to read the article yourself and pass it along to anyone you think might also have interest.

To share or read the article in full, visit Harvard Business Review.