Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Utility Reinvestment Account

How much can I expect to save?

Monetary savings depend on the goals, the state of your equipment, and the kinds of projects executed. We've had clients save as much as 15% in the first 8 months. Generally, commercial buildings can improve by as much as a third via the adoption of best practices.

How does this simplify my life?

Utility Resource Management is designed to reduce the number of bills, consumption metrics, analysis, and planning into a single monthly statement. We save you time by taking care of the grunt work consolidating current operations summaries and future investment decisions, including mechanical upgrades and financing options, into a single document.

Is my building the right size?

Our smallest client is less than 10,000 sqft. We can help improve your performance as long as you are at least 10,000 sqft. We work with facilities of all types. It doesn't matter if you have a very sophisticated control system or a rudimentary thermostat. Our Total Utility Money Management process will still help improve performance.

Will your service change how I run my business?

We fit into your business processes and focus on streamlining energy-related decisions. We present you with targeted information and recommended actions along with recurring reports on energy, finance, projects, and projections.

What if I just completed an audit, recommissioning, or retrofit?

Audits, recommisionings and retrofits are great tools to improve building health and performance. We always seek to leverage whatever past data and recommendations you've already obtained when designing an energy roadmap.

My accountant processes the bills and my CFO takes care of capital budget. How do you fit in?

We provide a strategic plan that integrates managing vendors, utility incentives, tax breaks, and other ways to multiply your funds. Our Utility Resource Management Program provides a data-driven planning tool to help reduce planning uncertainty and simplifies decisions by linking energy performance and cost back to your core business goals.

I'm a tenant with a triple-net lease. How do I benefit?

As a triple-net tenant, operational costs are passed through to you. Usually, you can elect to make modifications or upgrades within your space. A Utility Reinvestment Account will help reduce uncertainty, enable you to make improvements when economical, and can help lower and control the passed-through operational costs.

I'm an owner with and use gross-lease to my tenants. How do I benefit?

As an owner with a gross-lease, you keep more when utility costs remain under control. With our Utility Reinvestment Account, we can help you make targeted investments to maximize your overall returns while mitigating any impacts on short-term cash flow. We'll improve the amount you take home and increase your asset value.

I'm a property manager and I take care of energy on behalf of my owners and tenants. How do I benefit?

You'll be able to better create and execute a comprehensive strategy to lower energy costs and boost asset values for tenants and owners. A Utility Reinvestment Account provides you with a dedicated fund to make performance enhancing investments. Tenants and owners can both review, modify strategies, and track progress towards goals.

Why a minimum deposit? Is it still mine?

We require a minimum deposit to smooth out cash flow during the initial period of your service. We eliminate monthly variations in your bill and update your automatic payments and savings to your Utility Reinvestment Account on an annual basis. The funds are held in your name at Kitsap Bank (Member FDIC) and always remains your money.

Who controls project decisions and execution?

You do. Your Utility Reinvestment Account is always in your name and you control when and how the funds are spent. We help provide you with potential projects, ways to leverage your funds, and ways to finance your goals more quickly, but it is always your decision.

I need to quantify my savings. Can you help?

Absolutely. We offer advanced monitoring and verification services that can meet your needs and partner as required to make sure that you receive the right kind of analysis at the best price. Using our Utility Resource Management process, we use a cross-cutting approach to provide you with the most cost effective but holistic solutions.