Saving Energy in the Information Age

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Saving money is easy if you know you’re spending it wastefully. Saving energy is just as easy … as long as you know you’re wasting it. The biggest challenge has been to know just how you’re wasting the energy. After all, energy is invisible until you pay the bills. By then it’s painful and too late.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there have been many great innovations to help clients manage their energy information, identify wasteful practices and reduce spending. As this Motley Fool article points out, there is big business in managing utility meters, real-time-pricing and solar integration to take advantage of production incentives. With companies like Oracle and Tesla mining energy data, you can be sure of a well-kept secret opportunity.

As a consumer, you can stay up to date by understanding how to use your appliances in energy-saving mode. Many will have the function built-in for you to activate. As a business, having a firm grasp of your energy data is no longer an optional concern. It can improve your competitive advantage, increase profitability and spur innovative new products. Leveraging energy information could just be the next-big-thing.