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A Comprehensive Utility Management Framework

Choose among three services to align your utility consumption (energy, water, trash, etc.) to your revenue and profit.

Discovery Initiative:

Understand how to best improve your resource productivity for increased resilience, profitability and growth. Read more >

Managed Services:

Leverage our expertise, experience, and track record to program and project manage a portfolio of prioritized projects. Read more >

Business Solutions:

Continuously improve and re-invest your savings into your future with central oversight, budgeting, and decision-making of your utility resources. Read more >


The Problem

Green River College (GRC) Foundation manages a decade-old international student housing complex. Facility managers were not able to add energy management responsibilities to their already busy schedule running the 340 unit complex.

The Actions

DEM helped GRC map out a 12-month plan that started with assessing baseline energy consumption, investigating existing HVAC systems and studying usage behaviors. DEM then managed a program that implemented technology solutions.

The Results

GRC saw immediate savings from new heating technologies that were 20% more efficient. Students were able to maintain a better level of comfort with new wireless thermostats while consuming less energy. DEM now runs the ongoing program, helping reinvest savings into additional improvements.


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